To market to market

(photo from Time Out)

Oh I do love a good food market. Seville’s Plaza de la Encarnación, the Place du Vieux-Marche in Rouen, any food market in Paris, Brooklyn Bridge Market, Rarotonga’s Punanga Nui, Victoria Market in Melbourne, Grand Central Station and Union Square markets in New York, oh my, the Mercato Centrale in Florence, those in Washington, Gussau, Ibadan, Tunis, Takayama, and never forget the beautiful Nishiki market in Kyoto, they are among some of my favourites. In Auckland there are lots of good fresh food markets and I’ve visited most of them. I love them all and each is special in their own way. But my heart belongs to, one amongst the many in London, the very old and historic, Borough Market.

Borough Market is a wholesale and retail food market in Southwark. It is one of the largest and oldest food markets in London, with a market on the site dating back to at least the 12th century. The present buildings were built in the 1850s, and today the market mainly sells speciality foods to the public.

Borough Market has existed in one form or another for around 1,000 years,

‘Its precise start date is impossible to pin down: there was no official opening, no ribbon-cutting ceremony, not even a brief mention in a chronicle. The best date available, and the one used as the basis for the Market’s millennium celebration, is 1014. Borough, then as now, was a place defined by its position at one end of London Bridge—for centuries, the only route across the river into the capital. It is likely that London’s first post-Roman bridge was constructed here in the mid-990s, partly to bolster the city’s defences against Viking raiders who routinely sailed up the Thames to kick seven shades of wattle and daub out of the locals.

Borough Market

I love the variety of fresh foods available, most of which are grown/produced locally or come from within the European Union. (well perhaps not the Dragon Fruit) :

There are all sorts of enterprising and lovely people selling their produce:

I am covetous of the variety of mushrooms that are sold:

And, at the moment, at least, lots of different nations and areas are represented:

Borough Market has seldom had to close but recently, after 8 people were killed in the London Bridge and Borough Market attack on June 3rd 2017 the market closed for eleven days, opening again on June 14, and has been open for business since then.

It is easy to get to, just take the underground to London Bridge.

Visit the local Southwark Cathedral when you are there, have a walk along the river and see:

But mainly, wander the market, enjoy the sights and smells and have a taste of whatever is on offer.

All gallery photographs were taken by me.